Kika and Bear

Kika and Bear
My Joy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One of my favorite things to do... watch a movie with my kids with my Flicka in my lap and the computer. We have popcorn too! We call them "parties" and have them at least once a week. I love Net Flicks. It is something me and my kids can do together and they really enjoy it. Plus I can get a little work done and of course my puppy enjoys it too. We are watching "Spy Kids". I am only half paying attention. Kika is really into it. She keeps gasping. And Bear is mesmerized. Works for me.
Tomorrow Hunter is coming. I am so nervous because he is so big. I haven't ever been able to control large dogs. He is a Weimarner. He is already 45 pounds! We got him a crate today and it is so huge compared to Flicka's. She is only 5lbs. I hope everything goes well. Tim is taking off this week on business so it will be me with the kids and dogs. We don't have a fence and I know he will need exercise so that is what I am worried about. Tim says he will walk Hunter often.
So I have been working like crazy to learn how to make these pendants. I will include some pictures soon. I have probably made 30 in the past two days! But they are not finished yet. I am not sure if I want to list them in my store or if I want to start up a new one. Hmmm....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Start of My New Blogging Life!

So I have decided to join the bloggers. I don't know how much time I will have for this, but here it goes:

I am Sarah -- aka "Sae". I love to create and make things. I have two great kids and a wonderful husband of going on 10 years. I also have two dogs (one of which will arrive on Sunday night) and one Beta fish (The rest of my fish died.) My dogs are Flicka and Hunter. (Hunter is the new arrival. My son named him.) My kiddos are Kika (Jade) and Bear (Wyatt). My great hubby is Timothy. I want to add a picture, but we will see if I can later.
I have recently begun making clay pendants and other jewelry. I am thinking of opening up another shop on Etsy. I have one already but I am wanting to branch out and start selling clay creations-- pendants. Well, see though. I am not sure it is a good financial route. Although I would enjoy it a ton. I still have my hands full of my little guy, Bear. He is 4 and a terror with a huge heart. My Kika (pronounced "keeka") keeps me busy as well. She is my mini me (Bear is Tim's). Bear is perfectly challenging and active. Boy do I love the quiet times.
My family is presently headed home from a trip to Grandmas. Dad went turkey hunting and he actually got one this time!! He doesn't often bring us home anything. I am not sure I want a wild turkey. He gave it to his Mom anyways, so I guess I will not get to try it out.
I have been studying and pouring my heart in how to make pendants. I am having difficulty. I just seem to be lacking the professional look. The challenge is on. I really want to accomplish this, but you see, my Bear-- he is a grabber. Has been since birth. Latched on quick, grabbed hair like he knew what he was doing. At 10 months tipped toed up high enough to reach my curling iron. Burned his arm terrible. But still he grabs and takes. Sometimes he even hides it. So if I have all my clay out, he thinks he gets to make too. He has his own pasta machine. Stupid I am. I so know it. Maybe I can bribe him to let me be. I used to think he would get his fill and wander away, but it was me who got my fill.
Well, I only have a bit more time so I am going to call it an night with this entry after I try to add pictures! Thanks for reading. Post a comment if you think we could be friends. Sae <3